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Putting Virginia's Future First

Virginia has a well-deserved reputation for good government and sound financial management. The Council is committed to maintaining the quality of life in Virginia and to enhancing the state's effectiveness in making the Commonwealth an even better place in which to live, work, and raise a family.

The Council helps state leadership develop an evolving roadmap for the future by:

  • Providing a long-term focus on high-priority issues facing Virginia
  • Creating government accountability and an enhanced focus on outcomes
  • Increasing government performance and transparency
  • Informing and engaging Virginians in a dialogue about the state's future

Vision, focus, results. Council on Virginia's Future

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Updated Scorecard at a Glance Shows Improving Trends

Four indicators on the Virginia Performs Scorecard at a Glance saw trend changes in our recent annual review:

From Maintaining to Improving

2015 marked the 2nd consecutive year that average per capita income has risen in the state; even better, the increase from 2014's average rose by more than 3 percent -- the biggest year-over-year jump in at least a decade. At the same time, Virginia's average job growth rate in 2015 was 2.2 percent, reversing three consecutive years of declining growth.

In other good news, the number of Virginians without health insurance has now fallen: The state's uninsured rate went from hovering between 14 to 15 percent across 2009-2013 to just 12.5 percent uninsured in 2014, thanks largely to the Affordable Care Act.

From Improving to Maintaining

But it wasn't all unmitigated good news, as Virginia's performance in energy went from Improving to Maintaining. Both per capita energy consumption and CO2 emissions rose in 2014, yet the state has also shown little improvement in its use of renewables in well over a decade: Electricity generated from renewable sources stood at 5.3 percent in 2003 and was just 6.2 percent in 2014.

For a quick look at how Virginia is doing on all 50 indicators tracked on Virginia Performs, see the complete Scorecard at a Glance.

New Workforce System Report Card

The latest edition (4th) of the Virginia Workforce System Report Card has been updated to reflect the evolving landscape of workforce development in Virginia. Much of the data available in previous versions of the report card remains, but in support of new, refocused indicators, along with new data. Among the changes: new workforce goals for special populations such as veterans and the disabled, as well as a clearer emphasis on a range of workforce credentials.

And don't forget to check out the interactive report card dashboard!