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Council Meetings

The Council on Virginia's Future meets regularly to get an update on the state's progress as measured by Virginia Performs and to discuss those long-term issues which are deemed a high-priority for the state to address. For example, past meetings have focused on educational attrition and the degree gap in college attainment, innovations in agency productivity, and regional challenges and solutions for economic growth.

A recap of the last Council meeting is presented below.

Council Meeting Keeps the Focus on Competitiveness and Workforce Issues

October 6, 2015: Governor McAuliffe convened the Council on Virginia's Future in the State Capitol for a meeting that continued the Council’s focus on economic vitality, workforce quality, and leveraging resources to move the Commonwealth forward.

The meeting began with a brief review of recent Council projects, including those developed to provide leadership with better assessment at the entreprise level. Council Executive Director Jane Kusiak then introduced the new Commonwealth Center for Advanced Research and Statistics (CCARS), a component of Governor McAuliffe's New Virginia Economy plan. CCARS is a broad collaboration that aims to dramatically improve Virginia's strategic response to workforce issues, including the quality and timeliness of workforce supply-and-demand data; the latter is a critical requirement for accelerating the workforce system’s response to changing employer needs.

The Council was also presented with two additional new initiatives. The Virginia Grants website, launched on September 17, 2015, is a new portal for researching and applying for federal and foundation grants and is expected to accelerate the state’s performance in this area. The initiative will be supported by a new grants specialist in the Governor’s Office and will be widely available to state agencies, local governments, and nonprofits across the state.

GO Virginia is an industry-led effort for re-vitalizing Virginia’s economy in the face of ongoing federal spending cutbacks. An off-shoot of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Blueprint Virginia project, the plan calls for state leadership and incentives to accelerate innovation and regionally-driven economic development efforts.

Meeting Materials

Unless noted otherwise, materials are offered in PDF format.

See Meeting Archives for documentation and access to materials from earlier Council meetings.

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