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Performance: Agency Planning & Assessment

Thumbnail of Performance Leadership and Assessment System graphicSustaining and improving Virginia's quality of life requires the collective effort of individuals, organizations and leaders in both the public and private sectors. Virginia's state government contributes to these efforts by creating policies that aim to transform Virginia, and by ensuring that the programs and services for which we are directly responsible meet their objectives and are efficiently managed.

That system, Virginia Performs, encompasses strategic planning at the enterprise, Secretariat and agency levels, as well as a host of performance metrics that include goals, objectives, and specific measures. You can learn more about the overall structure of Virginia Performs here.

Enterprise Strategic Priorities

Every institution has goals and challenges that require work across organizational structures to help create success.

These over-arching priorities create a new level of strategic planning for Virginia above that of individual state agencies. Enterprise priorities and their related strategies represent key initiatives of the Governor and Cabinet, and capturing them ensures a clearer and more structured integration into agency planning and budgeting processes.

Enterprise Strategic Priorities encompass detailed milestones and timeframes for addressing the enterprise-level priorities within each Secretariat. These top strategies and goals are available on Virginia Performs.

Strategic Planning and Performance Budgeting

The Department of Planning and Budget has completely overhauled the state's planning and budgeting system over the last decade:

  • All agency strategic plans now follow a consistent, integrated format that includes information on the agency's mission, customer base, products and services, statutory authority, and strategic goals.
  • Service area plans provide a link to the state budget. They outline the agency budget, objectives, measures, and performance targets for each service area.
  • Agency key objectives and productivity measures sharpen assessment of progress on improving critical outcomes, efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service.

DPB recently implemented a new Performance Budgeting (PB) system to replace outdated, inefficient legacy systems, some of which were more than 30 years old. It also significantly enhances analysis and decision-making capabilities. The final two modules -- strategic planning and agency spend planning -- were implemented in 2012.

The public may access current agency strategic plans and reports under the Agency Planning and Performance section of the Virginia Performs website.

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