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Performance: Priority Identification & Reporting

A key part of the Council's work is to help clarify the most relevant priorities when state leadership is looking to improve outcomes on a particular issue. The Council works to identify the key drivers affecting performance and to develop the assessment tools needed to measure progress toward improvement.

Virginia's Workforce System Report Card  

Thumbnail of the 2014 Workforce System Report Card. See text and links for information.Established measures of overall workforce quality have been limited mostly to lagging, high-level indicators such as labor productivity and educational attainment. Although important, these measures are not that informative about actual workforce capabilities or the effectiveness of workforce development programs.

In 2012, the Council worked with the Governor's Office, the Virginia Workforce Council, and other partners to craft the Virginia Workforce System Report Card. The report card has since been updated and revised several times. Although it still tracks educational markers of workforce quality, efforts have been made to also include career-oriented skills and outcomes, as well as a focus on manufacturing.

The report card has already made a difference in the assessment of progress being made across the state's extensive and complex workforce development system.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card

Thumbnail of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship report card. See text and links for information.The 2013 General Assembly charged the Center for Innovation Technology (CIT) with the creation of a new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Measurement System (IEMS). The Council on Virginia's Future partnered with CIT in developing an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card to complement the IEMS and includes goals and metrics for Talent Pipeline, R&D, and Access to Capital, among others.

The report card debuted in December 2013. To explore it in more depth, see Virginia Performs.

State Government Operations Report Card

Thumbnail of State Government Operations report card. See text and links for information.The Agency Planning and Performance section of Virginia Performs includes an extensive array of agency-level performance information across all Executive Branch agencies. However, developing an enterprise view of state government's operational efficiency and effectiveness has proven difficult.

A new State Government Operations Report Card went live in early 2014 and presents an informative snapshot of the overall workings of Virginia's executive branch. Performance metrics and data cover such areas as financial stewardship, customer service, human resource development, and internal management practices. For all the details, see Virginia Performs.

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